As many of us know, Bitcoin is a currency that is taking over the world of commerce. The case of the virtual currency is relative as we do not know yet if it came to stay.

As well as many shops accept this currency as a payment method there will also be airports that will accept it on a day-to-day basis.

This is the case of the Brisbane airport located in Australia, one of the world’s largest airport, they announced that they will accept these virtual coins in a short time…

As you read it! They will accept this method to purchase goods in the airport commerces, in this way becoming the first air terminal that will allow payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Liteconin or Dash, just to mention some of the most known cryptocurrencies.

  • In first place you have to Destinia, whose company is based in 92 countries, five of them in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil), is a company originally from Spain which grew quickly and effectively opening markets. Its website offers diverse information to the users, from a 4-day package in Rome, air tickets, train and ship.


  • BTCtrip is a very popular site among Bitcoin users, has only two venues, one in Buenos Aires and the other in New York. They sells tickets to anywhere in the world and even publish deals. They has become so popular that you can find satisfied user opinions within their page, including various CEOS of digital and journalistic companies.


  • AbitSky “Fly For bitcoin” specialize in finding cheap flights to anywhere in the world. Its headquarters is located in Lithuania and in its beginnings only offered local services, but now it has gone growing until becoming international. Interestingly one the more requested flights is Caracas-Quito.


  • And finally, Travelforcoins was created in California with the intention of accessing use of bitcoin in the tourist market, only accepts cryptocurrency for the purchase of airline tickets and hotel rooms.